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Mount Nevis Expansion - Hon. Mark Brantley - 24 April 2014
Mount Nevis Hotel Expansion Groundbreaking - Hon Alexis Jeffers
Address by Premier 1 Feb 2013 SD

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02 1st, 2013

Petition Appeal Judgment in full

August 27, 2012

excerpt: “This is an appeal from a decision of a trial judge in Nevis in which he granted some of the reliefs sought by Mark Brantley who lost the July 2011 election to the Nevis Island Assembly seat in District St. John’s 2 constituency to Hensley Daniel by a margin of 14 votes.  The evidence accepted by the judge was that the Registration Officer removed 203 registered voters from the Register of Voters in the months prior to the election.  These were all removed on objections made by the governing party led by Joseph Parry and of which Mr. Daniel is a member.  The Registration Officer did not ensure the objectees received notice of the making of the objections and of the date, time and place at which the objections would be considered.  The Registration Officer was a party supporter of Mr. Parry’s party, the party in power.  The election to St. John’s 2 was eventually contested on the basis of a revised list which was published just 5 working days before the election.”

09 10th, 2012


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Hon. Vance Amory

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Hon. Mark Brantley

Federal Representative
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Mr. Keith Scarborough

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